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Watch UFC 235: Jones vs Smith is Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) recently held a special pre-fight media day for the upcoming UFC 235: “Jones vs Smith” pay-per-view (PPV) event, which drops this weekend (Sat., March 2, 2019) inside T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.So keep watching and enjoy your time…

UFC 235: Jones vs Smith Fight Live Streaming

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UFC 235: Jones vs Smith Fight Live
Sat, March 2,2019
Time:9:00 pm ET
Vanu:inside T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada

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Campbell on why Woodley will win: If there’s one opponent perfectly suited to drag the 36-year-old Woodley into 25 minutes of hard-fought battle, it might be Usman. The native Nigerian can wrestle just as good as he stalks his prey with heavy strikes on his feet. He has also shown an intensity that doesn’t suggest he will crumble on the brightest stage. But Woodley’s greatest strength is how well-rounded he has become since winning the title. He’ll likely need to use much more of his tools and energy than he needed against the likes of Darren Till but this is still Woodley’s fight to win with aggressive counter striking and how well he controls distance on his feet. Let’s not forget the champ can wrestle, too. Usman has done a great job as a front-runner yet still needs to prove he can turn the tables should he fall behind against an elite foe.

Campbell on why Jones will win: Let’s face it: this is every bit the kind of stay-busy fight that UFC typically avoids doing. In this case, the lack of depth within the division makes it hard to avoid. Smith may have comparable size and a three-fight winning streak in his favor but he has never faced anyone even close to the level of what Jones brings to the table. Smith, who has 13 losses to his name, was also stopped just over one year ago by fellow contender Thiago Santos. Smith may be an overachiever with a nice story, but Jones is the best fighter in the game and showed in his December comeback he’s right where he needs to be.

Wise on why Usman will win: “The Nigerian Nightmare” is finally getting the shot he deserves. Arguments can be made for days on end about Usman vs. Covington in terms of who should get first at Woodley, but Usman’s resume can’t be disputed. The concern going into this fight is this will be Usman’s first ever appearance on PPV in front of the biggest audience available. However, unlike Woodley’s last three opponents who all had a standout trait that he could disarm, Usman will be the most well rounded fighter he’s faced as champion. Look for Usman to grind and put Woodley in some awkward positions before taking this fight to the deep end for a decision win.

Crosby on why Askren will win: Given the hype that’s surrounded Askren both before his UFC debut was announced and after, “Funky” may very well have the most to prove of any fighter that’s ever debuted in UFC. He’s out to show that the hype is real and he’s indeed the best grappler in mixed martial arts. Lawler, for certain, will come out and try to put an embarrassing twist on Askren’s debut by finishing him. But given all there is to prove on his first night, the well-disciplined Askren will be able to hold off any danger from Lawler en route to his first UFC victory.

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